The Pocket Company was started by Niranjani Iyer in 2010. Collaboration and collective enquiry form the basis of most the company’s work in India and in France.   

A key example of this is d.r.i.f.t -dharamshala residential & international festival for theatre, a community driven volunteer run project in the Himalayan foothills since 2016.  

Gender-Ventions is another key project which took to the streets of New Delhi after a particularly horrendous incident of violence against women to open up conversations on safe access to public spaces. The desire to engage, dialogue and entertain is the foundation of our work.  

Selected Projects

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Concept, Direction & Performance
A new show on languages and just what they do to us.

2016 – present


Founder & Artistic Director

d.r.i.f.t – Dharamshala Residential & International Festival for Theatre is a deeply collaborative festival aiming to create a place and an audience for theater and dance outside of urban spaces. A project very dear to the Pocket company, d.r.i.f.t has successfully brought together, through workshops for adults and children, readings and quality shows from here and elsewhere, the various communities of the Dharamshala region since 2015.

d.r.i.f.t website

d.r.i.f.t. 2022
d.r.i.f.t. 2019
d.r.i.f.t. 2020
d.r.i.f.t. year long activity


Eden, Eden, Eden

Concept, Direction & Performance
Eden, Eden, Eden a commission by the French Institute on Pierre Guyotat’s work.

Response to a commission from the French Institute for interpreting Pierre Guyotat’s   masterpiece of literary innovation, a story of atrocity and war. 

Eden, Eden, Eden



Concept & Direction.  

“Gender-Ventions, a series of public performances supported by the Goethe-Institut, is taking theatre into malls and markets, Metro stations and neighbourhoods to raise these very questions, forcing discussions and finally a reckoning. Through a 10-minute clip with three segments — Antar Pehchaney , Open and Close and Bus — the audience is compelled to confront the gendered lens through which we negotiate the everyday.” Article in The Hindu by Nandini Nair.  

Gender-Ventions 2014
Gender-Ventions 2015


Noida Deaf Society


Choreography with speech and hearing impaired adults to create a dance piece where they worked on phrases they had created as responses to questions from Niranjani. 


Framing Spaces

Concept & Direction

An interactive public performance that invites the audience to renew their way of looking at their familiar spaces using a choreographed mode of observation, through frames. 

Supported by the Goethe Institut, this piece was performed in public parks in Delhi.


Around the Wandering Shadow

Concept, Choreography & Performance

A tanztheater performance inspired by the book ” Warum Das Kind in der Polenta Kocht ” by Aglaja Veteranyi explores displacement, movement, and a longing for home. The piece looks at the outsider, the foreigner, the performer. How does one feel amidst strangers?  

Niranjani Iyer

Founder and director of The Pocket Company, Niranjani lives and works between France and India, where she runs d.r.i.f.t – a community-oriented theatre festival she created in the Himalayas. She is an actor, dancer, director, choreographer, dramaturge and pedagogue. Her approach to work is interdisciplinary and rooted in a belief in the necessity of art in everyday life.